IUI with Donor Sperm Planning (crosspost)

This is an old post from a fertility issues bullitin board, dated on the day I made it.

We had our meeting with the RE to discuss donor sperm today. Got all the paperwork to sign and most of my questions answered, but who can answer the questions in my heart–will I regret this in the future? Right now, everything sounds good, but…they’ve said I can back out right up until the catheter goes into me, so…
So we’re meeting with a counsellor who specializes in donor gamete couples, so that’ll be nice. Hopefully she and I can talk through some of my issues with it, and we’ll make a final decision after that.
However, right now we’re going ahead as it we are definately going to do it–choosing a donor, signing the paperwork, triple checking insurance coverage, etc. I ovulated yesterday, I think, so in two weeks I’ll get my period(unless we “win the lottery,” as the urologist put it.) and call them. Day 2 or 3 baseline monitoring, days 5-9 clomid, day 13 monitoring, hCg trigger shot if all is well and ready, and IUI 40 hours later. Then, the first tww that might actually mean something! Horray!
Tonight we pick a donor, so that’s nice to actually be doing something towards getting pregnant. I’ve kinda already narrowed it down–we have a list of 21 to choose from at one bank(the cheapest one), and of those, only 12 are available to us(the others can’t have any more progeny in the ROC area.) so there aren’t pages and pages to sift through. Which is both nice and not nice. I wish we had a few more options, but I guess there’s always other banks–we have paperwork from one(at double the price, yikes!), and names of some others.


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