We have a donor! (crosspost)

This is an old post made to a fertility issues community, dated on the day it was made.

We have a sperm donor!
We picked one out(and a backup), and I talked to the cryobank today and they said they’ve got plenty of him, and that most people just purchase one vial at a time until they get pregnant, and then put a few vials on storage for their next child. We only plan on having one, but I’d acknowledging that our plans may change, so I think that’s probably what we’ll do.

It’s all happening very fast–I thought we’d have to wait a while, but nope. My period should start sometime around the 18th(argh, my wedding anniversary!), and I then get dildo-cam’d and started on clomid on day 5. Trigger shot sometime around day 13-14, IUI 40 hours after that.

I’m excited, and nervous, and…getting used to the idea of the donor sperm. As you may remember, I had a lot of concerns, but after deciding on a donor and spending the day doing research, I feel much calmer. I found this link today(goes to PDF), and it really soothed my mind on some of my concerns, while also giving a lot of information on talking to young kids about ART. I highly recommend it.

My donor has many attributes, but for some reason, his blue-grey eyes are what drew me in.


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