Come on, period!

Still waiting on my period so that I can start my first dIUI–hopefully it will come soon! We have male factor issues, so the chances of me getting pregnant on my own are slim, but maybe I’ll test in the AM just to be sure.

The clinic rescheduled our visit with the donor gametes counseller today–when we made the appointment, there was a lot of confusion regarding who exactly we were seeing, and they thought they had it figured out, but apparently they figured wrong. The new appt’s only two days after the original, though, so I’m not too upset (also, the new appt isn’t at 8am on a Saturday morning! Sleeping in this weekend!)

Was out doing some baby shopping with a friend the other day, and we were looking at cribs. I asked her 3 year old what he thought of them, and he said, “Jen, I think you need a baby to put in that crib.” For his mouth to god’s ears, right?


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