Clomid, Timing Issues

I started Clomid on Weds, tomorrow is my last day–thank god!  I cried like a baby last night; my brother called and he’s such a screwup–going to jail and everything.  It’s so upsetting, but I know I was crying b/c of the clomid.  I have psych issues anyways, and my RE, therapist, psychiatrist, AND the counseller at the fertility center are all worried that the clomid would throw me over the deep end.  I’m ok, though-tearful but not anything worse than that.  Hopefully these next two days go smoothly.

I’m a little worried about the timing of our IUI.  I have my u/s on day 12, Dec 3rd.  That afternoon, we leave town for about 36 hours, returning late in the day Dec 4th.  If that u/s shows that I’m ovulating…well, I could stay behind and not go on the trip, especially since we’re doing donor sperm, but I really, really want my husband to be there when I get IUI’d.  I talked to the nurse at the clinic and she said that if I am ovulating on the 3rd, that they won’t do a iui on the same day–not sure why not–but that we can convert to an “intercourse cycle,” where we just have timed sex.  Right.  After 2 years of trying with my husband’s sperm, I don’t think sex, even sex on clomid, is going to get me pregnant.  I mean, we don’t have azoo, just low count, low motility, and severe morphology issues.  So I guess it’s always possible, just not likely.  The nurse also said that the day 12 u/s rarely shows ovulation, b/c the clomid lengthens out the cycle.  So let’s hope I don’t O on day 12, instead, go to day 15 and get the trigger shot that night, for a good IUI(with my husband there!)  on day 17 or so.  hmm, now that I’m typing that out…well, let’s just stay optimistic.


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