So, the insemination was this morning at 10am, and it went well.  A little bit of cramping that has since resolved, they let CJ push the plunger of the syringe, and all the numbers look good.


2 big follicles, size 20.4mm and 18.3mm(i think, will update this when I can find the sheet)

several other small follicles, up to about 17mm in size, but they think only the above two will “pop”

lining 6.7mm as of Friday

Lab numbers: 666(would that  be an E2 or a FSH?) and LH of 9.2

hCg trigger shot Friday night, around 11pm (an hour late–I fell asleep!)

Sperm count, after washing and everything: 37.9mil (wow!)

How I feel: a little crampy, and much better emotionally than I did last night.  There were many tears last night: am I ready for this?  will I make a good mom?  will I regret this?  should we wait for IVF and CJ’s sperm?  I still worry about all of these, but at this point…I’m ok.  If When I get pregnant, it’ll all be ok.  At least, that’s what everyone is telling me.  And as I have nothing else to go on, I have to believe that.

Go, spermies, go!


3 responses to “Inspermination!

  1. Here’s hoping first time’s a charm!

  2. Hope it worked!!! Now the agonizing 2WW…

  3. Wishing you peace during the wait and joy at the end of it!

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