First Midwife Appointment

Spent last night in the ED again–the midwive’s nurse told me to go in and that they(the ER docs) would set up the Zofran pump and whatnot.  So we spent 10 hours there, five of them in the waiting room, and were sent him with…nothing.  That sucked.

But, I was able to get into my midwife’s office today for what was originally slated to be a hyperemesis eval.  When I got there, they had decided to do the whole first prenatal exam, including pap smear, labs, etc.  I hate the suprise pelvic exam!  You need time to prepare for those things! 

Anyways, they have put the call into the Visiting Nurse Service(which, incidentally, is where I work too, so this could get ackward) and they should be out to see me and set up the pump either tomorrow or the next day.  Since I haven’t heard anything yet, I’m assuming it’ll be Thursday, which is ok.  I can last two days. 

Currently doing around the clock Zofran ODT and phenergan suppositories.  Just took my latest dose at 8pm, so I should be sleeping soon.  I’ve been snowed all day today–can barely stay awake.  Hopefully once I get the pump I can stop the suppositories and be able to go back to work–while a little break is nice, we need the money, so…

Oh!  My ultrasound got moved up!  Instead of being on Thursday at the RE’s office, it’ll be tomorrow at the Midwife’s office.  Can’t say I’m not happy about that! 

More updates tomorrow after the ultrasound…


One response to “First Midwife Appointment

  1. Oh yeah, I also had the phenergan suppositories at first. Luckily, I was able to ween off of those. I really hope that as your pregnancy progresses the HG eases up.

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