Midwife Issues

So, I saw the midwife yesterday, and all was well.  They were getting me set up with home IV fluids and zofran, just had to run it by the covering doc and all would be fine. 

Today, I get a call from the VNS nurse who would be coming out to see me.  She tells me that the referral got cancelled.  I called into the midwive’s office to see what was going on.  Spoke with a midwife who I’ve never met before, but who has decided that a 3 pound weight loss in 1 week is insignificant, that the fact that I can’t keep anything down doesn’t matter, and that if I need fluids and/or zofran, I’ll have to go into the hospital.  Again.  Furthermore, they won’t be seeing me anymore, as I’m “too high risk.” 

I don’t understand why I have to get worse before they’ll treat me–why can’t we prevent me from getting worse?  I asked this, and she told me I had an unrealistic expectation of what the meds could do for me.  Bullshit–I’m a nurse, I know the potential side effects and the fact that it might not work, or that it might just take away the vomiting and leave me with nausea, but  I’d at least like to try it.  She gave me some ideas to manage it with diet–basically, I’m to live on applesauce, hard candies, tea, gingersnaps, and jello.  And not take my prenatal vitamin, unless I can tolerate flintstones vitamins. 

SO anyways, I set up an appt with a new doc, one recommended by the hyperemesis website.  I see one of her colleagues Friday.  Let’s hope that goes a bit better. 

Today has been a fairly good day, with minimal vomiting.  Iguess if I’m taking it one day at a time now, I’d better just be thankful for today and not worry about tomorrow.


One response to “Midwife Issues

  1. I took 8mg zofran 3 times a day as needed. I also took Premesis (prenatal supplement) and a flinstone (at night). I never managed to completely get rid of the nausea, but got rid of the vomitting. The nausea did have good days and bad days, though.

    Don’t let them tell you what will and won’t work for you. How the hell do they know until they try?!

    I’m furious for you. grrrr

    I hope things work out with the new doctor!!

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