Good MD appt

Met with Dr Sanko at RGOA today; had a very good appt.  He’s not a warm and fuzzy doc–but as Miss W says, warm and fuzzy is for puppies.  And the very good thing: he’s actually going to treat my hyperemesis according to protocol!  A nurse is coming out tonight to start the IV and the meds/fluids, yay!  It’s been a miserable day–I’m down 5 pounds, can’t pee, dizzy when standing, and my blood pressure was 84/50.  Not good. 

He’s concerned about my history of TIAs and so is running a bunch of blood to figure out if I have a clotting disorder.   Results back tonight but I probably won’t get them until the next appt, next Weds.  I’m  not worried there.   When I had my TIAs, they said it was just a vessel spasming, not anything clot related, so…

The midwives called this morning and told me I have a UTI.  Couldn’t prove it by me, so Dr S is running another culture, just to be sure.  I’m betting antibiotics are in my future. 

As far as the twins go, he said the ultrasound pics look great, he’s not concerned about baby A’s slightly slower heart rate(115, compared to baby B’s 120).  I’ll have another ultrasound in about 4 weeks, then the nuchal translucency and 1st trimester screen between 11-13 weeks, and then u/s’s every 4-6 weeks after that.  The average gestation for twins is 35 weeks, he said if I got that far, the babes should be fine. Because I’m tall, I don’t think I’ll have a problem carrying that long–there’s lots of room for the babies to grow into, as long as I don’t have an undiscovered incompetant cervix or anything like that.  We didn’t really talk about my wishes for the birth–just that there was a possibility of a c-section–but we’ll get there.  Let’s get through the first trimester first!

He said the trip we were planning to take at 3o weeks–to Switzerland–is definately out.  That’s a bummer, but I was expecting that, so…and it’s worth it.  Chris’s parents want him to go without me, since it’s a family reunion, but as far as I’m concerned, he is NOT leaving his 30-weeks-pregnant-with-twins wife to go galavanting around Europe!  Am I being unreasonable there?

I’m still just amazed that we’re having twins.  It makes everything so worth it, seeing those heartbeats on ultrasound.  I will vomit for weeks, as long as those heartbeats remain strong.  I’m really starting to feel connected to them, ya know?  Seeing them made a big difference.


2 responses to “Good MD appt

  1. Hooray for a good appointment and for finally getting the care you need and deserve!

  2. annacyclopedia

    Wonderful that you’re starting to feel connected to the two little ones. And also great for a doctor to compensate for his lack of warmth and fuzz by being a smart and rigorous doctor.

    Still sending you good thoughts for a calm tummy.

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