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Hyperemesis Backslide

Damnit, I was doing so well, but the past two days as I try to wean off of the meds, I find myself  backsliding.  Threw up about 15-20 times yesterday, and about 10 so far today…talked to the MD’s nurse who said I could go back on the Zofran and see if that will help.  One thing is for sure: I can’t go off the benedryl. 

This is so disappointing: I was doing so well, hadn’t thrown up in 9 days, and then the pharmacy ran out of benedryl and couldn’t get it to me in time for my doses, and everything went to hell.    So, a few more days on the Zofran, and then I guess we’ll try again.  I’m just so disappointed.


Oy, I got behind on posting.  Here’s the latest updates:

Spent last weekend in the hospital trying to get the hyperemesis under control, and it actually worked!  I haven’t thrown up in a week, which is amazing for me.  I’m still on tons of meds: Reglan,Phenergan, Benedryl.  We’re starting to try and wean off the meds, and so Dr S had me stop the Zofran yesterday.  So far, so good.  Still doing two liters of IV fluids a day, because I have a hard time drinking enough.  Still showing ketones in my urine too, which I don’t really understand: I’m not starving myself anymore; I can eat real meals, so why is my body still breaking down the fat stores?

Had our 5th ultrasound yesterday for the first trimester screen, and it went great.  If I remember correctly, the nuchal measurement is supposed to be less than 2mm, and Baby A was 1.0mm, Baby B was 1.2mm.  Of course, we have to wait for the bloodwork to get the official results, but I’m not too worried.  The babes actually looks like babies now, instead of like gummy bears.  Can see hands, feet, legs, noses(!), watch them roll and move around…Pretty cool.  Baby A was lying with her feet crossed at the ankle, which I found to be exceedingly cute.  Videos are up on Flickr here.

I’m starting to show, which I guess isn’t too surprising considering the ultrasound tech says the tops of my uterus is at my navel.  I had no idea it was that big, but it makes sense–both babies are about 5-5.5 cm long, with 8-10cm sacs…lots of stuff in there taking up space.   Anyways, most of my shirts are too short now, they ride up around my belly.  We need to go out and buy some maternity shirts today.  Can’t believe I’m 12 weeks and already in maternity clothes. 

Dr S found heartbeats yesterday with the doppler.  I haven’t tried yet with our home doppler, but hopefully we can find them soon.

So, things seem to be going well now.  I’m nearly out of the first trimester danger zone, which is a relief.  Hope all is well with everyone else!

Time for an update…

Still feeling pretty miserable here–threw up about 40 times yesterday, which is better than the 70x/day I had last week. I actually threw up so hard last week that I started bleeding vaginally and panicked, thought I was losing one or both twins. U/s showed that they were fine and hormone levels were all fine, they said the bleeding was from my vagina and cervix rubbing against each other when I vomiting, nothing to do but stop vomiting! If only it were that easy.

I think I might be showing?! I’ve always had a little pooch there so I def. look pregnant, but I think it’s starting to look different over the past week. And I think I can actually feel my uterus if I poke around just above my pubic bone, which is kinda cool.

We got a home doppler and are waiting until we can find HBs with that. I’ve tried a few times and was able to catch flashes of something in the 150-170 range, but not sure if it was babies or something else–digestion, maybe? At any rate, nothing I can hold onto with the doppler. I’m only 9w4d, so it’s still too early–the doppler says 10-12 weeks.

Every week I hit feels just amazing to me. I think, “9 weeks, wow, that’s so far along!” especially compared to my previous 5 week pregnancies.

Getting a lot of stabbing pains in my breasts.  The achniess of the first few weeks has gone away, and now I just get stabbing pains, mostly on the right–but I’m not sure if it’s from development or if it’s because that’s where my mediport(IV) is.

Not really sure if I’ve been released from the RE or not–they were going to do an u/s at 7 weeks, but the midwife I was seeing at the time wanted it sooner so I canceled the RE’s u/s and went in earlier. Haven’t heard anything from the RE since I called and told them I was having twins. Think I should call them?

As far as the hyperemesis goes, I’m still on IV fluids and IV reglan and Zofran.  It seems to be working a bit–I’d hate to see what my vomiting would be like without them, and I know the fluids are playing a big part in keeping the three of us alive.  I still have ketones in my urine most of the time.  I’m able to eat a little bit–just had some ravioli, hoping that stays down.
Feeling pretty lonely around here.  Tonight is my team’s “holiday party” (just a little late), and I’m really sad to be missing it–was really hoping I could get out of the house, even for an hour, and see some familiar faces.  I feel like I’m missing out on so much with this pregnancy–this is it for me, and I’m too sick to enjoy it.  I’m really worried that this will last the entire pregnancy–CJ says it isn’t worth worrying about, but I think I’d rather be prepared for it, and then possibly be pleasantly surprised.  I belong to a hyperemesis forum, and it seems like about 75 % of people there have it last at least into the second trimester, and a lot have it last the entire time.  No way of knowing which way I’ll go, and I know that my sample is biased, but still.  It worries me.
Hoping for a better day tomorrow.  I see my OB Friday again, maybe he’ll have some good news for me.  He offered to hospitalize me last week but I declined, fearing that I’ll go crazy in the hospital.  Starting to consider taking him up on it.  At least in the hospital, they could treat me faster than making a change once a week, kwim?  I’ll think about it.

Surprise Ultrasound–Edited to Add PICS

Quick Summary: There’s still two, and they are Just Fine.

So, we had another doctor’s appointment today to see how the hyperemesis is going.  Basically, I’m still throwing up between 15 and 35 times a day, on 8mg of Zofran every 6 hours(this is the max dose).  The zofran dose just got raised yesterday, so we’re hoping for a better day today and a better weekend.  Dr S says if I keep vomiting like this, I’m going to have to have an NG tube–where they stick a tube down my nose, into my stomach, and run liquid nutrition through it.  He doesn’t want to do TPN(IV nutrition) unless we have to, and neither do I–though I’m not sure I’d be able to keep the NG formula down, either.  Next appointment is next Friday and we’ll see how things are going then.

Preface to the next story, which I am quite embarrassed about:  I am extremely easily freaked out, and very fearful that we’re going to lose one or both babies.  So, earlier in the week, I was..umm…struggling on the toilet, and mid-push, I feel something come…slipping out.  Of my vagina.  Something large and gooey.  Now, the rational part of me goes, “Hey. You’ve had increased cervical fluid/mucous, it was probably that, so don’t freak out.”  The completely irrational, and thus in control, part of me goes, “Oh my god, I just pooed out one of the babies.”  I couldn’t look in the toilet.  I just spent the week FREAKING OUT.

So, I decided, pride be damned, I’m going to say something about it to Dr S, and ask for an ultrasound.  The guy is a saint–he didn’t even bat an eye, just filled out the ultrasound requisition and got me in for a scan before I could even leave the office.  So, woo, surprise ultrasound.  And the (not so surprising)news: they’re perfect.  There’s still two of them, they’re both measuring 7w5d(spot on), and we got to hear the heartbeats! (once I calmed down enough to hold still)  Baby A is ticking along at 152, Baby B at 155.  We even got a DVD with the videos, which I will link to as soon as CJ gets them uploaded.

I cannot tell you how relieved I am.

Edit: Here’s the babies!

Edit 2: Argh, can’t get the videos to embed.  Here’s links:
Baby A   Baby B

So. Much. Better.

Thank god for IV Zofran and fluids.  I still feel a little nauseated, but no vomiting so far today, and no headache.  Haven’t had anything to eat yet, but I think I’ll try some grapes now(I’m a fruit craver).   And some tea–now that I think about it, that sounds really good.

The nure came out last night around 730, and we got my mediport accessed no problem, got the zofran running in, and started the fluids.  They started me on just 4mg a day of Zofran, but when Amy called the doc, he said I could go up to twice a day, but to call them if I needed more than that.  Getting two liters of D5LR a day, and adding an amp of multivitamins to one of them.    No more nasty prenatals that I just throw up anyways!  We’re also checking my weight at every nursing visit(they’ll be back tomorrow), and checking my urine for ketones every day.  I had a small amount yesterday, haven’t checked yet today. 

Since I’m feeling so good, I think we’re going to go out to Babies R Us and have a look around!  I haven’t really left the house in a week, so that will be nice.  Hoping that the nausea stays away and that Miss W and family can come over tonight.

ETA: Damnit, spoke to soon.  Finished posting this and immediately started vomiting.

Midwife Issues

So, I saw the midwife yesterday, and all was well.  They were getting me set up with home IV fluids and zofran, just had to run it by the covering doc and all would be fine. 

Today, I get a call from the VNS nurse who would be coming out to see me.  She tells me that the referral got cancelled.  I called into the midwive’s office to see what was going on.  Spoke with a midwife who I’ve never met before, but who has decided that a 3 pound weight loss in 1 week is insignificant, that the fact that I can’t keep anything down doesn’t matter, and that if I need fluids and/or zofran, I’ll have to go into the hospital.  Again.  Furthermore, they won’t be seeing me anymore, as I’m “too high risk.” 

I don’t understand why I have to get worse before they’ll treat me–why can’t we prevent me from getting worse?  I asked this, and she told me I had an unrealistic expectation of what the meds could do for me.  Bullshit–I’m a nurse, I know the potential side effects and the fact that it might not work, or that it might just take away the vomiting and leave me with nausea, but  I’d at least like to try it.  She gave me some ideas to manage it with diet–basically, I’m to live on applesauce, hard candies, tea, gingersnaps, and jello.  And not take my prenatal vitamin, unless I can tolerate flintstones vitamins. 

SO anyways, I set up an appt with a new doc, one recommended by the hyperemesis website.  I see one of her colleagues Friday.  Let’s hope that goes a bit better. 

Today has been a fairly good day, with minimal vomiting.  Iguess if I’m taking it one day at a time now, I’d better just be thankful for today and not worry about tomorrow.

Hyperemesis gravidarum

Yep, that’s me.  Good ol hyperemesis.

Spent today in the ED, getting rehydrated and given compazine.  Threw up at least 30 times today.  They sent me home with Compazine suppositories and Zofran ODT-oral disintegrating tablets.  The next step would be a zofran pump: IV or subQ zofran around the clock.  I don’t want that, but I’m pretty damn sick of vomiting.

CJ is making me a fabulous dinner tonight–let’s hope I can keep it down!  My throat and neck muscles are aching from the strain, and I think I blew up some vessels in my eyes.

Really hoping I’m not one of those women who have this for the duration of the pregnancy.  At 5w3d today, we’ve got a long ways to go.