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Oy, I got behind on posting.  Here’s the latest updates:

Spent last weekend in the hospital trying to get the hyperemesis under control, and it actually worked!  I haven’t thrown up in a week, which is amazing for me.  I’m still on tons of meds: Reglan,Phenergan, Benedryl.  We’re starting to try and wean off the meds, and so Dr S had me stop the Zofran yesterday.  So far, so good.  Still doing two liters of IV fluids a day, because I have a hard time drinking enough.  Still showing ketones in my urine too, which I don’t really understand: I’m not starving myself anymore; I can eat real meals, so why is my body still breaking down the fat stores?

Had our 5th ultrasound yesterday for the first trimester screen, and it went great.  If I remember correctly, the nuchal measurement is supposed to be less than 2mm, and Baby A was 1.0mm, Baby B was 1.2mm.  Of course, we have to wait for the bloodwork to get the official results, but I’m not too worried.  The babes actually looks like babies now, instead of like gummy bears.  Can see hands, feet, legs, noses(!), watch them roll and move around…Pretty cool.  Baby A was lying with her feet crossed at the ankle, which I found to be exceedingly cute.  Videos are up on Flickr here.

I’m starting to show, which I guess isn’t too surprising considering the ultrasound tech says the tops of my uterus is at my navel.  I had no idea it was that big, but it makes sense–both babies are about 5-5.5 cm long, with 8-10cm sacs…lots of stuff in there taking up space.   Anyways, most of my shirts are too short now, they ride up around my belly.  We need to go out and buy some maternity shirts today.  Can’t believe I’m 12 weeks and already in maternity clothes. 

Dr S found heartbeats yesterday with the doppler.  I haven’t tried yet with our home doppler, but hopefully we can find them soon.

So, things seem to be going well now.  I’m nearly out of the first trimester danger zone, which is a relief.  Hope all is well with everyone else!


First Midwife Appointment

Spent last night in the ED again–the midwive’s nurse told me to go in and that they(the ER docs) would set up the Zofran pump and whatnot.  So we spent 10 hours there, five of them in the waiting room, and were sent him with…nothing.  That sucked.

But, I was able to get into my midwife’s office today for what was originally slated to be a hyperemesis eval.  When I got there, they had decided to do the whole first prenatal exam, including pap smear, labs, etc.  I hate the suprise pelvic exam!  You need time to prepare for those things! 

Anyways, they have put the call into the Visiting Nurse Service(which, incidentally, is where I work too, so this could get ackward) and they should be out to see me and set up the pump either tomorrow or the next day.  Since I haven’t heard anything yet, I’m assuming it’ll be Thursday, which is ok.  I can last two days. 

Currently doing around the clock Zofran ODT and phenergan suppositories.  Just took my latest dose at 8pm, so I should be sleeping soon.  I’ve been snowed all day today–can barely stay awake.  Hopefully once I get the pump I can stop the suppositories and be able to go back to work–while a little break is nice, we need the money, so…

Oh!  My ultrasound got moved up!  Instead of being on Thursday at the RE’s office, it’ll be tomorrow at the Midwife’s office.  Can’t say I’m not happy about that! 

More updates tomorrow after the ultrasound…

Clomid, Timing Issues

I started Clomid on Weds, tomorrow is my last day–thank god!  I cried like a baby last night; my brother called and he’s such a screwup–going to jail and everything.  It’s so upsetting, but I know I was crying b/c of the clomid.  I have psych issues anyways, and my RE, therapist, psychiatrist, AND the counseller at the fertility center are all worried that the clomid would throw me over the deep end.  I’m ok, though-tearful but not anything worse than that.  Hopefully these next two days go smoothly.

I’m a little worried about the timing of our IUI.  I have my u/s on day 12, Dec 3rd.  That afternoon, we leave town for about 36 hours, returning late in the day Dec 4th.  If that u/s shows that I’m ovulating…well, I could stay behind and not go on the trip, especially since we’re doing donor sperm, but I really, really want my husband to be there when I get IUI’d.  I talked to the nurse at the clinic and she said that if I am ovulating on the 3rd, that they won’t do a iui on the same day–not sure why not–but that we can convert to an “intercourse cycle,” where we just have timed sex.  Right.  After 2 years of trying with my husband’s sperm, I don’t think sex, even sex on clomid, is going to get me pregnant.  I mean, we don’t have azoo, just low count, low motility, and severe morphology issues.  So I guess it’s always possible, just not likely.  The nurse also said that the day 12 u/s rarely shows ovulation, b/c the clomid lengthens out the cycle.  So let’s hope I don’t O on day 12, instead, go to day 15 and get the trigger shot that night, for a good IUI(with my husband there!)  on day 17 or so.  hmm, now that I’m typing that out…well, let’s just stay optimistic.

CMV status, Progesterone?

Just a note to myself, really:

Must ask RE, Dr H, about my CMV status.  Hope I’m positive so that I can use the donor we’ve chosen–or am I missing something?  Maybe it doesn’t matter as long as he’s not got active CMV.  Have to find out.

Seeing a lot on the interwebs (Dr Google) about progesterone supplementation after IUI.  Have to find out if we’re doing that.  It was never mentioned during our last appointment, but with my history of two early miscarriages, I wonder if it would be a good idea.