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NT test results and Belly Shots

We had another appointment today, and it went well.  Got the results back from the nuchal translucency ultrasound and bloodwork, and it looks good.  Our chances of a baby with Down’s was 1 in 4800(or therabouts, I don’t remember the actual number), and the doc doesn’t recommend amnio or CVS testing.  Which is good, because I didn’t really want to do either of them.  The idea of it kinda scares me.  Giant needles do not belong in those places!

Dr S was able to find both babies’ heartbeats today, which was pretty cool.  He also cautioned against using the doppler too often, because it concentrates a lot of energy into a fairly small spot.  I’m not terribly worried about my every-three-days habit for now.

Took our first belly shot last night.  I look like hell, but my belly is getting…dramatic.  The change over the past week is surprising. I am going to be huge by the time this pregnancy is done.
Jen (and her IV pole) at 13 weeks



We finally found the heartbeats(or at least, one of them) with the doppler! Will post them as soon as I figure out how.
Pretty cool.

ETA: Here you go!</p>

Time for an update…

Still feeling pretty miserable here–threw up about 40 times yesterday, which is better than the 70x/day I had last week. I actually threw up so hard last week that I started bleeding vaginally and panicked, thought I was losing one or both twins. U/s showed that they were fine and hormone levels were all fine, they said the bleeding was from my vagina and cervix rubbing against each other when I vomiting, nothing to do but stop vomiting! If only it were that easy.

I think I might be showing?! I’ve always had a little pooch there so I def. look pregnant, but I think it’s starting to look different over the past week. And I think I can actually feel my uterus if I poke around just above my pubic bone, which is kinda cool.

We got a home doppler and are waiting until we can find HBs with that. I’ve tried a few times and was able to catch flashes of something in the 150-170 range, but not sure if it was babies or something else–digestion, maybe? At any rate, nothing I can hold onto with the doppler. I’m only 9w4d, so it’s still too early–the doppler says 10-12 weeks.

Every week I hit feels just amazing to me. I think, “9 weeks, wow, that’s so far along!” especially compared to my previous 5 week pregnancies.

Getting a lot of stabbing pains in my breasts.  The achniess of the first few weeks has gone away, and now I just get stabbing pains, mostly on the right–but I’m not sure if it’s from development or if it’s because that’s where my mediport(IV) is.

Not really sure if I’ve been released from the RE or not–they were going to do an u/s at 7 weeks, but the midwife I was seeing at the time wanted it sooner so I canceled the RE’s u/s and went in earlier. Haven’t heard anything from the RE since I called and told them I was having twins. Think I should call them?

As far as the hyperemesis goes, I’m still on IV fluids and IV reglan and Zofran.  It seems to be working a bit–I’d hate to see what my vomiting would be like without them, and I know the fluids are playing a big part in keeping the three of us alive.  I still have ketones in my urine most of the time.  I’m able to eat a little bit–just had some ravioli, hoping that stays down.
Feeling pretty lonely around here.  Tonight is my team’s “holiday party” (just a little late), and I’m really sad to be missing it–was really hoping I could get out of the house, even for an hour, and see some familiar faces.  I feel like I’m missing out on so much with this pregnancy–this is it for me, and I’m too sick to enjoy it.  I’m really worried that this will last the entire pregnancy–CJ says it isn’t worth worrying about, but I think I’d rather be prepared for it, and then possibly be pleasantly surprised.  I belong to a hyperemesis forum, and it seems like about 75 % of people there have it last at least into the second trimester, and a lot have it last the entire time.  No way of knowing which way I’ll go, and I know that my sample is biased, but still.  It worries me.
Hoping for a better day tomorrow.  I see my OB Friday again, maybe he’ll have some good news for me.  He offered to hospitalize me last week but I declined, fearing that I’ll go crazy in the hospital.  Starting to consider taking him up on it.  At least in the hospital, they could treat me faster than making a change once a week, kwim?  I’ll think about it.

Good MD appt

Met with Dr Sanko at RGOA today; had a very good appt.  He’s not a warm and fuzzy doc–but as Miss W says, warm and fuzzy is for puppies.  And the very good thing: he’s actually going to treat my hyperemesis according to protocol!  A nurse is coming out tonight to start the IV and the meds/fluids, yay!  It’s been a miserable day–I’m down 5 pounds, can’t pee, dizzy when standing, and my blood pressure was 84/50.  Not good. 

He’s concerned about my history of TIAs and so is running a bunch of blood to figure out if I have a clotting disorder.   Results back tonight but I probably won’t get them until the next appt, next Weds.  I’m  not worried there.   When I had my TIAs, they said it was just a vessel spasming, not anything clot related, so…

The midwives called this morning and told me I have a UTI.  Couldn’t prove it by me, so Dr S is running another culture, just to be sure.  I’m betting antibiotics are in my future. 

As far as the twins go, he said the ultrasound pics look great, he’s not concerned about baby A’s slightly slower heart rate(115, compared to baby B’s 120).  I’ll have another ultrasound in about 4 weeks, then the nuchal translucency and 1st trimester screen between 11-13 weeks, and then u/s’s every 4-6 weeks after that.  The average gestation for twins is 35 weeks, he said if I got that far, the babes should be fine. Because I’m tall, I don’t think I’ll have a problem carrying that long–there’s lots of room for the babies to grow into, as long as I don’t have an undiscovered incompetant cervix or anything like that.  We didn’t really talk about my wishes for the birth–just that there was a possibility of a c-section–but we’ll get there.  Let’s get through the first trimester first!

He said the trip we were planning to take at 3o weeks–to Switzerland–is definately out.  That’s a bummer, but I was expecting that, so…and it’s worth it.  Chris’s parents want him to go without me, since it’s a family reunion, but as far as I’m concerned, he is NOT leaving his 30-weeks-pregnant-with-twins wife to go galavanting around Europe!  Am I being unreasonable there?

I’m still just amazed that we’re having twins.  It makes everything so worth it, seeing those heartbeats on ultrasound.  I will vomit for weeks, as long as those heartbeats remain strong.  I’m really starting to feel connected to them, ya know?  Seeing them made a big difference.



Fraternal twins.  I’m amazed.  And blessed.

Hyperemesis gravidarum

Yep, that’s me.  Good ol hyperemesis.

Spent today in the ED, getting rehydrated and given compazine.  Threw up at least 30 times today.  They sent me home with Compazine suppositories and Zofran ODT-oral disintegrating tablets.  The next step would be a zofran pump: IV or subQ zofran around the clock.  I don’t want that, but I’m pretty damn sick of vomiting.

CJ is making me a fabulous dinner tonight–let’s hope I can keep it down!  My throat and neck muscles are aching from the strain, and I think I blew up some vessels in my eyes.

Really hoping I’m not one of those women who have this for the duration of the pregnancy.  At 5w3d today, we’ve got a long ways to go.

Betas # 2 and 3

Beta #2, 17dpIUI: 727

Beta #3, 22dpIUI: 4983.