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Oy, I got behind on posting.  Here’s the latest updates:

Spent last weekend in the hospital trying to get the hyperemesis under control, and it actually worked!  I haven’t thrown up in a week, which is amazing for me.  I’m still on tons of meds: Reglan,Phenergan, Benedryl.  We’re starting to try and wean off the meds, and so Dr S had me stop the Zofran yesterday.  So far, so good.  Still doing two liters of IV fluids a day, because I have a hard time drinking enough.  Still showing ketones in my urine too, which I don’t really understand: I’m not starving myself anymore; I can eat real meals, so why is my body still breaking down the fat stores?

Had our 5th ultrasound yesterday for the first trimester screen, and it went great.  If I remember correctly, the nuchal measurement is supposed to be less than 2mm, and Baby A was 1.0mm, Baby B was 1.2mm.  Of course, we have to wait for the bloodwork to get the official results, but I’m not too worried.  The babes actually looks like babies now, instead of like gummy bears.  Can see hands, feet, legs, noses(!), watch them roll and move around…Pretty cool.  Baby A was lying with her feet crossed at the ankle, which I found to be exceedingly cute.  Videos are up on Flickr here.

I’m starting to show, which I guess isn’t too surprising considering the ultrasound tech says the tops of my uterus is at my navel.  I had no idea it was that big, but it makes sense–both babies are about 5-5.5 cm long, with 8-10cm sacs…lots of stuff in there taking up space.   Anyways, most of my shirts are too short now, they ride up around my belly.  We need to go out and buy some maternity shirts today.  Can’t believe I’m 12 weeks and already in maternity clothes. 

Dr S found heartbeats yesterday with the doppler.  I haven’t tried yet with our home doppler, but hopefully we can find them soon.

So, things seem to be going well now.  I’m nearly out of the first trimester danger zone, which is a relief.  Hope all is well with everyone else!


Surprise Ultrasound–Edited to Add PICS

Quick Summary: There’s still two, and they are Just Fine.

So, we had another doctor’s appointment today to see how the hyperemesis is going.  Basically, I’m still throwing up between 15 and 35 times a day, on 8mg of Zofran every 6 hours(this is the max dose).  The zofran dose just got raised yesterday, so we’re hoping for a better day today and a better weekend.  Dr S says if I keep vomiting like this, I’m going to have to have an NG tube–where they stick a tube down my nose, into my stomach, and run liquid nutrition through it.  He doesn’t want to do TPN(IV nutrition) unless we have to, and neither do I–though I’m not sure I’d be able to keep the NG formula down, either.  Next appointment is next Friday and we’ll see how things are going then.

Preface to the next story, which I am quite embarrassed about:  I am extremely easily freaked out, and very fearful that we’re going to lose one or both babies.  So, earlier in the week, I was..umm…struggling on the toilet, and mid-push, I feel something come…slipping out.  Of my vagina.  Something large and gooey.  Now, the rational part of me goes, “Hey. You’ve had increased cervical fluid/mucous, it was probably that, so don’t freak out.”  The completely irrational, and thus in control, part of me goes, “Oh my god, I just pooed out one of the babies.”  I couldn’t look in the toilet.  I just spent the week FREAKING OUT.

So, I decided, pride be damned, I’m going to say something about it to Dr S, and ask for an ultrasound.  The guy is a saint–he didn’t even bat an eye, just filled out the ultrasound requisition and got me in for a scan before I could even leave the office.  So, woo, surprise ultrasound.  And the (not so surprising)news: they’re perfect.  There’s still two of them, they’re both measuring 7w5d(spot on), and we got to hear the heartbeats! (once I calmed down enough to hold still)  Baby A is ticking along at 152, Baby B at 155.  We even got a DVD with the videos, which I will link to as soon as CJ gets them uploaded.

I cannot tell you how relieved I am.

Edit: Here’s the babies!

Edit 2: Argh, can’t get the videos to embed.  Here’s links:
Baby A   Baby B